Whale Watching in Costa Rica on the Southern Pacific Coast

Whale Watching in Costa Rica on the Southern Pacific Coast

July 5, 2018 2 By Shannon Farley

July begins the biggest season for whale watching in Costa Rica. Find out where to go, where to stay, and all about the 2018 Costa Rica Festival of Whales & Dolphins.

Whale watching in Costa Rica

July through September is the time for whale watching in southern Costa Rica.

It’s time for whale watching in Costa Rica!

Starting now in July and running through September, it is the biggest time for whale watching in Costa Rica in the southern Pacific region.

Costa Rica provides an important sanctuary for endangered humpback whales to breed and give birth. These “gentle giants of the sea” make one of the longest animal migrations on earth, swimming thousands of miles from both the northern and southern hemispheres to spend their winter seasons in Costa Rica’s warm, safe waters.

National Geographic calls Costa Rica the “seventh most important whale watching hotspot in the world” due to these two whale migration seasons that span almost the whole year.

From December to March, northern humpback whales migrate from California down the Pacific Coast past Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio to the Ballena National Marine Park by Uvita.

However, it is between July and October when Costa Rica receives the largest number of humpback whales – those that journey from Antarctica up to Costa Rica to the gulf of Golfo Dulce, the Osa Peninsula, and to the Ballena National Marine Park.

Ballena National Marine Park Costa Rica

The iconic sand spit at Ballena National Marine Park in Costa Rica looks just like a whale’s tail.

The Ballena National Marine Park is famous for its iconic sandbar isthmus formed perfectly into the shape of a large whale’s tail, which some people say “calls the whales”.

In these protected areas, the whales stay close to the coast where the warm tropical water is shallow and their newborns are safe from predators. Since humpback whales spend most of their time near the ocean’s surface, they are easy to spot. They delight tourists with their stunning acrobatic leaps, tail and fin slaps, and adorable mother and baby cuddling. It is especially exciting when a 45-ton whale the size of a large tour bus leaps into the air and lands with a tremendous splash. On whale watching tours, you can also see large pods of dolphins that live along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

Whale watching in southern Costa Rica

A mother humpback whale and her baby swim in the protected waters of Costa Rica’s Ballena National Marine Park.

You can celebrate the whales being in Costa Rica at the annual Costa Rica Festival of Whales & Dolphins held every September in Uvita by the Ballena National Marine Park. This year’s 2018 Festival of Whales & Dolphins will be held the weekends of Sept. 7 to 9 and Sept. 15 and 16.

Avoid the crowds and visit Ballena National Marine Park anytime between mid-July and the end of September. Whale watching tours are available daily from local operators.

Whale watching in southern Costa Rica

Humpback whales from Antarctica migrate to Costa Rica between July and September every year. They are known for their acrobatic leaps.

Where to Stay to Go Whale Watching

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