Why rainy season is a great time to visit Costa Rica

Why rainy season is a great time to visit Costa Rica

June 25, 2018 0 By Shannon Farley

Besides no crowds, great deals and exciting wildlife migrations, find out why Costa Rica is best in rainy season.

Matapalo Beach sunset by Portasol Living

A rainy season sunset in Costa Rica at Matapalo Beach by Portasol Living.

You might think that dry season – December to April – is the only time to visit Costa Rica. And the rest of the year, when it’s “rainy season”, should be avoided.

If you ask most locals, however, when is the best time to come to Costa Rica? They’ll tell you: rainy season!

What’s more, the wet and dry seasons for the Pacific and Caribbean sides of the country are almost completely opposite. And the sun shines almost every day, at least for part of it, no matter where you are.

At Portasol Living eco-community, it’s a great time to rent one of their outstanding Costa Rica vacation rentals. Located on the Pacific Coast by Matapalo Beach, Portasol is close to Manuel Antonio National Park to see wildlife, Ballena National Marine Park for whale-watching, Dominical for surfing, the Savegre River for whitewater rafting, and has its own nature reserve for hiking and waterfall pools for swimming.

Read on to see why you should visit Costa Rica during rainy season.

Costa Rica rainy season

Costa Rica rainy season brings bright rainbows after cooling showers.

10 Reasons Why Rainy Season is a Great Time to Visit Costa Rica

  1. Rain makes the landscape lush and green, full of blooming flowers and plenty of food for animals – which means you can see a lot of wildlife. Besides, you can’t have a rainforest or a cloud forest without rain and clouds!
  2. Rainy season doesn’t mean it rains all day every day. The usual pattern is hot and sunny mornings with afternoon or evening rains. Or, a little rain in the morning is often followed by a glorious sunny afternoon and sunset. There will be days when it does not rain at all.
  3. There are fewer crowds and no lines. All of those tourists who escape northern winter are not here. Costa Ricans’ summer vacation is December to early February, corresponding with the coffee harvest, so that’s when the country’s beaches and major destinations are busiest.

    Matapalo Beach

    Have beautiful tropical beaches like this one all to yourself during uncrowded rainy season. Matapalo Beach is 10 minutes from Portasol Living.

  4. Lower prices, deals and special offers are available in May and June, and August through October. Savings can be as much as 50 percent or more!
  5. Discover the secret “mini-summer” that happens in July when rains lessen for a few weeks. Note: Costa Rican schools take a mid-year break the first two weeks in July, and locals go to the beach and mountains on vacation.
  6. River rafting is much better in rainy season. Rivers are full of rain, the rapids are more exciting, and the landscapes are breathtaking!

    Savegre River rafting Costa Rica

    Whitewater rafting is best during rainy season when the rapids are more exciting, like here on the Savegre River, only 10 minutes from Portasol Living.

  7. It’s the best time for whale-watching and sea turtle nesting. From July to October, you can see migrating humpback whales from Antarctica along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast at the Ballena National Marine Park, Osa Peninsula, and gulf of Golfo Dulce. You can see five of the world’s seven species of sea turtles nesting – and then hatching – along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts between June and December.
  8. October and November also are time for the huge bird migration from cold climates in the north to tropical places like Costa Rica.

    Whale watching in Costa Rica

    Rainy season is time for whale-watching in Costa Rica. Portasol Living offers special whale-watching packages from July to September.

  9. Rainy season is more relaxing. When it rains, it’s time to chill out in a hammock or take a siesta. Also, the rain cools down the heat to more pleasant temperatures.
  10. Travel more in Costa Rica. You can visit the Pacific Coast and other major attractions, and then head to the Caribbean Coast for its “summer season” during September and October.

Make your travel plans today, and see why rainy season is the best time to visit Costa Rica.