Discover the Best of Costa Rica in One Place: Portasol Living

Discover the Best of Costa Rica in One Place: Portasol Living

June 24, 2018 0 By Shannon Farley

What’s it like to live or vacation in Costa Rica? Get a glimpse into what your life could be like in Costa Rica at Portasol Living eco-community.

Portasol Living in Costa RicaCosta Rica is known best for its rainforest and its beaches. In the Southern Region of the country you can find the best of both.

Just 35 minutes south of the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, pristine rainforest marries with beautiful, uncrowded tropical beaches at the Costa Rica eco-development of Portasol Living.

Set on a 1,335-acre private reserve of pure rainforest, the gated eco-community of Portasol Living is 10 minutes from the stunning beaches of Playa Matapalo and Playa Linda. The bohemian surf town of Dominical and Ballena Marine National Park, known for its whale-watching, are just down the road to the south. A sustainable real estate development, Portasol Living offers impressive Costa Rica properties for sale, where you can own your own dream house, and exceptional Costa Rica vacation rentals if you just want to visit.

Casa Mono Loco vacation rental at Portasol Living, Costa Rica

Stay in a dream house at Casa Mono Loco vacation rental at Portasol Living in Costa Rica.

See what it would be like to vacation or live in Costa Rica with a “Day in the Life of Portasol Living.”

It is 5:30 a.m. and the sun is starting to rise in the rainforest at Portasol Living. Hundreds of birds sing in the dense tree canopy around our Rainforest Bungalow. Light filters through the leaves and the river gurgles below our private terrace. We’re ready to greet the day!

After a cup of coffee made fresh in our bungalow’s little kitchen, we head out along the barely traveled gravel roads, walking slowly to spot wildlife stirring in the early morning. More than 272 bird species have been identified at Portasol, so we know bird watching will be good.

A big blue Morpho butterfly lazily flutters across the road toward stands of flowers. High-pitched cries from up in a nearby tree lead us to see two Chestnut-mandibled Toucans singing to the sun. Scores of birds colorfully fly through the trees.

On our way down to Cazuela Park, two coatis dash out of the undergrowth, one pursuing the other into a grove of trees. On the rainforest trail down to Cazuela Waterfall, we catch sight of a green-and-black poison dart frog hopping through ferns wet with dew. The waterfall’s spray catches sunlight with rainbows of color. Since we know we’ll be back later for a swim, we walk back for breakfast.

Portasol Living wildlife

See over 272 bird species, like this Chestnut-mandibled toucan, at Portasol Living in Costa Rica.

7:30 a.m. Breakfast is served next to the pool, surrounded by jungle. Dining al fresco means we can keep enjoying the amazingly beautiful nature. Our huge, delicious Costa Rican breakfast of gallo pinto (rice and beans), eggs, fresh tropical fruit, homemade corn tortillas, toast, butter, jam, sour cream, orange juice, coffee and tea were all prepared fresh for us by Portasol’s “local ladies”. These hard-working, kind women from the nearby community of Portalón come to work every day at Portasol to cook breakfast and clean the vacation rentals.

8:30 a.m. Time to relax on the terrace at our Rainforest Bungalow before we go mountain biking.

10:00 a.m. We strap on our bike helmets and steer our rented mountain bikes down across Portasol’s wooden entrance bridge, over a stream, and out to the dirt road leading to the village of Portalón.

Our path takes us down a shaded country road through the forest alongside the Portalón River. When we get to the little community, we enjoy watching country life in Costa Rica … shoppers at the little mini-market (called a pulperia), kids playing on the soccer field, ladies setting up the community social hall for a party, the church and school.

On the return trip, we get a good workout riding up a few hills to get to Cazuela Waterfall, where we immediately jump into the waterfall’s huge natural pool for a cooling swim. It’s incredible to swim at a pristine waterfall in the middle of the rainforest!

Playa Linda Costa Rica

Have a gorgeous tropical beach all to yourself at Playa Linda, 10 minutes from Portasol Living.

1:00 p.m. We’ve worked up an appetite and it’s time for lunch. We’re told the fresh seafood is stupendous at the restaurant La Langosta Feliz, a five-minute drive away, by the entrance to Matapalo Beach. And it definitely doesn’t disappoint: a delicious fresh meal for a great price.

Now we’re ready to be beach bums for the rest of the afternoon. We’ve borrowed Portasol’s beach lounge chairs and we set up camp under the shady coastal almond and palm trees on the sand at Matapalo Beach. The Pacific Ocean gleams a brilliant blue, and a few surfers are playing in the waves. It always astonishes us that a gorgeous tropical paradise beach like this is entirely uncrowded.

If we wanted to be active, we could take a surf lesson, or go for a horseback ride down the miles-long dark sand beach, or check in at the sea turtle nesting sanctuary. Instead, we relax and then go for a long beach walk, returning as the sun begins its magnificent descent into the sea lighting the sky on fire.

7:00 p.m. For dinner, we drive 15 minutes south to the cosmopolitan surf town of Dominical. The community is an eclectic mix of people from all over the world who have settled here for the peaceful lifestyle and prime surfing waves.

It’s hard to choose where to go with so many good restaurants in Dominical … there’s Mono Congo for healthy, vegan food; Phat Noodle for Thai food; or the well-known Tortilla Flats surf bar and restaurant for fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine. We settle on Mono Congo since it is Saturday night and there is live music.

9:30 p.m. We’re back at Portasol unwinding on our private terrace and listening to the amazing sounds of the jungle at night – from the river flowing below to the Tink Frogs, insects and night owls. As we go to bed, we’re ready for a restful night’s sleep in the cradle of nature, happy to know that more adventures await us tomorrow.

Portasol Living in Costa RicaIt’s time you discover Portasol Living

When was the last time you lounged in a hammock for an hour or two? Maybe lazily reading, or taking a blissful nap. With no guilt thoughts panicking your brain about all of the things you should be doing.

When was the last time you breathed in pure nature deeply and peacefully? Rode a bike down a country road? Watched the sun go down while relaxing on the beach under a palm tree and drinking fresh coconut juice? Let yourself feel the energy of the planet?

In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t often make the time to stop the frenetic beat that drives us from dawn to dusk. But what else could be more important than recharging and rejuvenating ourselves? It’s time to put the world on hold and give yourself the gift of “me time” on vacation. You’ll be the better for it.

And if you’re ready to live in a place known for its peaceful, healthy lifestyle, find out all about buying a home or property in Costa Rica with this Costa Rica real estate guide.